4 Your Bridge That You’d Want To Try After Buying Cue Stick

Don’t be confused when you hear the bridge when you first started playing the billiard games or buy a cue stick. The bridge is the way your cue and front hand touch. Some players call the distance between the front hand and the cue ball a bridge. What I want to introduce to you is a billiard tool. You have four bridge options.

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The rail bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

Sometimes your cue ball will stop near the cushion (the edge of the table). You can use the rail bridge to strike the cue ball away from the cushion. You can hit your cue ball by making a bridge on the pool table rails.

When using the rail bridge, your front hand will stick to the edge of the table. You get an angle to hit the cue ball. If your front hand is raised too high, you may suffer a miscue.

Place your hand flat on the rail and raise the first joint of the index finger. Then place the cue on the V-shape between thumb and index finger. You can find your thumb beneath the cue stick and index finger near the cue.

The ball is close to the cushion,so you will strike the upper part of the cue ball. Don’t try to hit your cue ball too hard, or you will suffer a miscue. Keeping your cue flat and backswing short can help you to own a successful rail bridge.

The open bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

The open bridge (or “V-bridge”) is best for beginners. The steadiness of the open bridge provides you a clean and comfortable stroke. When I picked up the cue stick for the first time, the open bridge was my favorite bridge.

What I want to explain here is that the open bridge is more suitable for soft shots. So when using the open bridge, your cue ball will not slide too far. If you are a novice, your cue stick may slip out of the v-bridge. To get the right open bridge, be sure to make your fingers firmly in place on the billiards table. Keep your fingers stable. Then you will pick it up(own a snooker cue or a pool cue stick).

When using the open bridge, your cue stick should be placed on the heel of your thumb. The thumb and index finger should hold the cue shaft in place. Make your pinky, ring finger, and a middle finger firmly in place on the billiards table.

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The closed bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

The closed bridge is also called the loop or circle bridge. Unlike the open bridge, the closed bridge is suitable for harder shots. However, there is no rule that players must use the closed bridge to make hard strikes.

A stable bridge is a good bridge. You can go through some preparations to form the closed bridge, then you can consider to buy cue stick.

First, place your left hand flat on the table surface. Then spread all fingers except your thumb and the index finger. Try to use the right hand if you prefer the left hand in life. Please bend your index finger to form a circle and put thumb beneath your index finger. Keep your bridge stable and slip your cue shaft slightly through the circle formed by the thumb and index finger.

In this process, the middle finger should support your cue shaft to get excellent strikes. Your thumb, index finger and middle finger together form the closed bridge. You are keeping fingers stable to make perfect strikes.

The mechanical bridge –

Every billiard table in the hall should have a mechanical bridge. It usually hangs under your billiard table. If you can’t find it, try to ask other players for help.

The mechanical bridge allows players to hit the cue ball in the distance. When using the mechanical bridge, there are usually other balls between your cue ball and cue tip. The mechanical bridge enables your cue tip to hit the cue ball without touching other balls.

You can hold the cue stick (you can buy a cue stick) in one hand and the back end of the mechanical bridge in the other.

In many cases, you will find that the mechanical bridge is more stable than other bridges. The mechanical bridge is used when players want to hit the cue ball without touching any other balls. The mechanical bridge can help players hit the cue ball more easily.

Usually, the player’s cue stick is parallel to the surface. This can make the player’s stance to keep stable and reduce misscue.

When playing a billiard game, you can use these four types of bridges together. When you can use these four bridges proficiently, you can win the game more easily. Of course, the bridge you feel most comfortable is the best.

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