The Wand Chooses The Wizard: 10 Best Snooker Cues And Discovery Channel

As Ollivander in Harry Potter said, “Remember, the wand chooses the wizard.” I think the same goes for buying snooker cues. Excellent cues and players have feelings and resonance. You may feel that you just bought a cue. But the cue stick may have chosen you at first.

Why you need a snooker cue

Some players think that novices have no need to buy their snooker cue stick. But I think you can buy snooker cues after your posture is fixed. If you just want to try your cue. Then I suggest you buy a cheap snooker cue. After you have your unique understanding, I suggest you buy expensive branded snooker billiard cues or consider custom cues.

A good cue can help you play snooker games better. It can accompany you in snooker training. When you encounter a bottleneck period, a good snooker cue stick can help you play better in the game. I give novice players two opinions: 1. Please buy cheap cues at the beginning. 2. Buy hard snooker cues.

snooker on the room

Buy snooker cues online

If you still can’t make up your mind. Then you can take a look at amazon snooker cues. The popular cue stick sale in amazon means that most players choose them.

Below are the snooker cue shop and snooker stick price. Then you can buy snooker cue online. They are snooker cues uk and they are all woods cues.

AONETIGER Pool Cue, 9.7 mm Tip, 3-Piece Professional Snooker Cue with Extensions, 3/4 Tube and Solid Casestar3star3star3star3star1AONETIGERSee On Amazon
Cuesoul handcraft 3/4 jointed snooker cue with mini buttstar3star3star3star3star1CUESOULSee On Amazon
57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker CueWeichster 3/4 Snooker Cue Handmade Ash Walnut Wood Pool Cue Case Extension Set star3star3star3star3star3WeichsterSee On Amazon
BCE snooker cueBCE Red Birds Eye Two Piece Ash Snooker Pool Cue - 9.5mm Tip star3star3star3star3star2BCESee On Amazon
CUESOUL 57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker CueCUESOUL 57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue with Mini Butt End Extension Packed in Aluminium Cue Case star3star3star3star3star1CUESOULSee On Amazon
Peradon snooker cuePeradon CLASSIC 58” 2pc ALL ASH Matching Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Elk Tip star3star3star3star3star1Peradon See On Amazon
CUESOUL snooker cueCUESOUL Classic Handmade 57 Rosewood 3/4 Piece Snooker Cue + Cue Case and Extension star3star3star3star3star1CUESOULSee On Amazon
OMIN snooker cueOMIN 3/4 Snooker Cue Stick Handmade Ash Wood Pool Cue Case Extension Set 3 Tip Size to Choose no ratingOminSee On Amazon
PowerGlide Classic Target 2-Piece Centre Split Cue - Light Brown/Yellow, 57-Inchstar3star3star3star3star1PowerGlideSee On Amazon
Grand-Handmade 58" 3/4 Piece Black Ebony Snooker Cuestar3star3star3star3star1Grand-CuesSee On Amazon

I recommend Master, Omin, Riley snooker cues, Peradon snooker cues, Pechauer cue, and other brands as entry-level cues. The performance of Cheap snooker cue is similar. But this does not mean that they are bad.

If you are willing to pay more, you can also consider snooker cues uk. Among them, I recommend famous brands such as Jp, Hunt, and Dave, and Glover is the most cost-effective. If you know a billiard master or snooker coaching around you, you can also consider buying a used cue stick from him/her.

Snooker cue is more suitable for snooker billiard. Because the snooker cue stick itself is relatively thin. This requires you to hit the cue ball accurately. I suggest you don’t replace the snooker cues frequently.

If the player initially uses harder cue sticks, he may use harder cue sticks for the rest of his life. You need to know that professional players in the snooker world championships do not change the snooker sticks frequently.

Something you should know about snooker cues

The center of gravity, weight, length of the cue, the taper, the diameter of the butt, the wood of the cue shaft, etc. all determine whether you have purchased the best snooker cue.

snooker stick 1

Weight and the center of gravity-

For beginners, I recommend hard and medium weight cues. The weight of cues currently produced by snooker cue makers is between 17 and 18 ounces (482 to 510 grams). I suggest you buy the 18oz cues. The center of gravity of snooker cue sticks cannot be too far forward nor too far behind. The center of gravity of the cue stick is between 16 and 18 inches (40~48cm). Such woods sticks are excellent. The right center of gravity allows you to play better in the game of billiards.

Length of your snooker cues-

The length of cues on the market is generally about 57 inches (145CM). This length is based on the average height of the player. 1. The higher you are, the longer cues you need. 2. The longer your arm, the longer your cue should be. 3. If the dribble distance is relatively long, you also need a long cue. Short snooker cues maybe kid snooker cues.

Often novices ask me to recommend cues between pool and snooker. The cue can be divided into the pool cue and snooker cue. The former is a big-end cue and the latter is a small cue. Big and small ends have their characteristics. Which one the player uses is completely out of habit.

But I found that some girls like to use pool cues, and some boys prefer small heads (snooker cues). My own woods snooker cue is small. It is 9.6mm.

snooker billiards table 2


A good taper means great snooker cue shaft. The performance of handmade snooker cues mainly depends on the cue shaft. I am here to tell you how to judge a good snooker cue shaft. First, please grab the end of the butt with your hands. Then use your eyes to observe along with the snooker cue stick. You will find that a good taper changes smoothly.

The wood snooker cues shaft

Most of the snooker sticks are made of white ash. White ash is tough and flexible. The wood is white. The wood has obvious lines. Of course, a good snooker cue stick does not depend on the color. You should carefully observe the texture of the wood. Compared with other woods, ash is more delicate. Snooker cue makers prefer white ash because it is not easy to deform and easy to process.

Maple is more suitable for the pool cue. However, if you think maple cues are more suitable for you. You can also choose maple cue sticks. The advantage of maple cues is that they are easy to maintain. The wood of the greatest cue sticks is taken from the middle of the trees. Such wood fibers are compact and have good toughness.

a man paly billiards

Hold the butt

Also, you can look at the hardness and elasticity of the snooker stick. Please hold your hand near the end of the butt. Gently pat the butt’s tail with the other palm. You will find that the snooker shaft is shaking. If the jittering time is relatively long, it means that the cue is elastic. The short jitter time means the cue is hard.

If you want to buy the best snooker cue, please pay attention to its hardness and flexibility. What kind of snooker billiard gaming experience a cue will bring you, you need to care about its hardness and elastic.

Handmade snooker cues

Finally, I want to say one more thing. If you want to have a professional snooker cue. You may need handmade snooker cues. Handmade snooker cues will be much more expensive than the cues you buy online. You need to care about the size of the cue head, the thickness of the butt, the length, weight, and center of gravity of the snooker cue.

Your custom cues should be heavier. If you are not satisfied with the weight of the snooker cue during use, you can modify the weight of the cue stick. There is also the wood of the cue shaft. Only in this way can you get the perfect handmade snooker cues.

Last but not least

But this will cost you a lot of energy and money. For most snooker billiard fans, you can buy snooker cue online. Many players purchase snooker cues for the first time and do not know exactly the weight and length of the cue they need.

If you are not too satisfied with the first snooker cue you bought, then the first snooker cue is an important basis for you to buy the second snooker cue.

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