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How True Detective Would Uncover The Mysteries Of One-piece Cue And Two-piece Cue

If you are going to buy the best pool cues, you must have found several different types of cue sticks. You may be confused about one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

“How should I distinguish between different pool cue?” Well, I will uncover the mysteries of one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

The choice of the one-piece cue and two-piece cue is important to your credit card and billiard game experience. You can have more than one after becoming a veteran.

Aim at different players

Many billiard players will go for the one-piece cue when they first head off to the poolroom. It’s a good idea to get one cue stick with a relatively wide tip diameter.

Compared with two-piece cue, one-piece pool cue does not It is convenient for players to carry. Therefore, I often place my one-piece stick in my friend’s place-the owner of a small poolroom.

A friend asked me why novices don’t use the two-piece cue directly? Well, but you will pay more for a two-piece cue. A one-piece pool stick is cheaper.

If you buy a pool cue stick on impulse, the cheaper one is suitable. When you find that you love the game of billiards, it’s time to buy a two-piece cue.

Finally, it is more convenient for new players to maintain a one-piece stick.

The structural difference between one-piece and two-piece cue

Why do new players like to use one-piece cue? A one-piece pool stick is a whole pool stick with a wide tip diameter. It has a good feeling of hit. You can upgrade once you know what you want.

A common two-piece cue comes in two parts that join in the middle between the pool cue butt and the pool cue shaft. A one-piece cue is a whole pool stick without the joint.

All the other parts are the same on one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

one-piece cue on the table

A one-piece cue on a break shot

You know that you need a break shot to break up the billiard balls at the beginning of the game. I believe you need a one-piece pool stick.

For a one-piece stick, its tip diameters is between 12.5 millimeters and 13.5 millimeters. Many players put cue tips that over 13 millimeters into the break-cue category.

Advantages and disadvantages

One-piece cue-

Advantages: It has a good feeling of hit. In theory, a one-stick is more stable.

Disadvantages: Inconvenient to carry. Your pool cue matches your height. Players will find that the cue stick cannot be placed in the trunk of the car. Cue sticks can be longer when using a cue case.

Two-piece cue-

Advantages: It is easy to carry when players head off to the pool hall. You can choose different types of cue tip and the material for the wrap, etc.

Disadvantages: High get cost.

Last words

You never wanna use a new two-piece cue on a break shot, do you? Of course not! This way will have an impact on the life of the two-piece cue with a little cue tip and flexible cue shaft. This method of shots can easily damage your cue stick, then you’ll have to buy a new one.

When breaking the balls, a one-piece cue with a heavier weight is better. Then you will find the billiard balls scattered on the table. If you really like billiard games, you can carry your own two-piece cue like a professional.


What Only Old Hand Know About Best Pool Cue On A Budget

Now maybe you are searching for the best pool cue on a budget, best pool cues under 100 dollars, or best pool cues under 200 dollars.

As a billiard player, I think buying a pool cue is an investment in the player himself. In fact, I have a common psychology element on the first purchase of a cue stick. I have carefully investigated what is the best pool cues for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

You can click here to see the best cue sticks on a budget I recommend. In fact, their prices are different. For the best pool cue under 200 dollars, I bought them all from Amazon. But for cue sticks that exceed 200 dollars, I would choose to buy them in the billiard shop.

The best way to find out where to buy is through word of mouth. For the best pool cue under 300 dollars, I suggest you try and see how it feels in hand.



Best pool cue on a budget for different players-

For novices, I recommend the best pool stick under 100 dollars. For experienced players, the best cue stick under 200 dollars is better.

In fact, price should not be your main consideration. Because your pool cue stick on a budget is not a one-time consumable. The best pool cue can improve your games, it’s about your skill level. You should know that the best pool stick will work best for you.

I think some important components make a good cue. You can pay more attention to them.

Cue weight & cue length-

This part usually does not affect the best pool cues on a budget.

Cues have different weights and lengths. You can see the sellers’ label on the shopping website. In the billiards store, you can see the indication in the butt section of some cue sticks.

Cue sticks generally weigh 17 to 22 ounces. Generally speaking, the lighter the cue sticks, the easier it is for players to control the speed of the cue ball.

Conversely, the heavier the cue sticks on a budget, the easier it is for players to hit a strong shoot. Everyone’s habits and preferences are different. This makes the game of billiards full of changes.

Cue sticks are usually around 58 inches. The designer considered that the length of the stick should match the height of most players. Because our height is usually between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet. 58 inches is suitable for most people.

Of course, you can also find longer or shorter cue sticks on the market. They are expensive compared to 58 inches of best pool cue sticks on a budget.


Cue leather tip of the best pool cues on a budget-

If you are a novice, it is appropriate to buy cue tips presented by the seller of cue sticks. For veterans, I recommend them to use high-quality cue tips. Although buying them may exceed your budget.

After purchasing, you may ask how to replace the cue tip. Well, I have a mature answer.

When I first pick up cue sticks, I didn’t pay attention to such small objects. I believe that most novices are like me. However, it is the only part of the player’s cue that can touch the cue ball.

It is important. I believe that the best pool cue tip can help you control the cue ball perfectly and win the game. The hardness and number of layers of the cue tip will affect your stroke.

When you find that the cue tip is black or it is unable to hold cue chalk, you can rub your tip lightly with sandpaper. The smaller the number of sandpaper, the rougher the sandpaper.

I recommend you to use 200-grade or 300-grade sandpaper. Please chalk your cue tip before hitting the cue ball. There will be strong friction between your cue tip and cue ball. Chalking your cue tip will give the max friction on stroke with the cue ball.

The shaft and taper-

The cue shafts that players usually see are pure maple wood. Now there are cue shafts made of fiberglass and aluminum on the market. I think wood cue sticks are suitable for most billiard game players.

The best cue shaft should be flexible. When you buy the best pool stick on a budget, you should consider the impact of the best cue shaft on the game of billiards.

How to define billiard taper? The diameter gradually widens from the cue tip to the cue butt. The pro taper –diameter won’t begin to widen until the cue shaft 8 to 10 inches below. I often use the closed bridge.

In fact, I prefer the pro taper. I found that the pro taper is suitable for a closed bridge. Very simple, its shaft is narrow. Click here to know more about different bridges.

The straightness-

You may know about how to check the straightness of cue sticks. Now I want to talk about another simple method. Put your sticks on the table. You can clearly find out whether the cue sticks are bent.

The cue wood and inlay material affect the best pool cue on a budget-

The cue wood and inlay materials will affect the best cue sticks on a budget. Compared to expensive ivory, I think common inlay material is suitable for most billiard players. Click here to know more about different kinds of inlay materials.


The Best Professional Pool Cues Is The Reason Why You Will Get A Promotion

What are the best professional pool cues? Some players believe that the cue will not affect the billiards game. I find that the best professional pool cues can help a player make long-term progress. When you try different cue sticks in pool halls, you may be confused about how to choose them. I have given you some suggestions on how to choose one when you want to buy your own cues.

What do the best professional pool cues mean?

First, it should have excellent performance. I think the best professional pool cues can help players to win in the billiards game.

When a player picks up the best pool cues, he/she will be confident about winning the billiards game. You will definitely have your own preference for cue sticks after playing games of billiards.

A cue stick is a personal tool. Above all, you need to know which you need to buy between snooker cues and pool cues. They are two kinds of cue sticks with different characteristics. In fact, my female friends prefer snooker cues while male friends prefer pool cues.

Secondly, the pool cue sticks you choose should have high quality and cost-effectiveness. The best professional pool cues should be able to accompany you for a long time. The pool cue shaft, the pool cue butt, the pool cue ferrule, and the pool cue tip form the best pool cue.

Your best pool cues should give you the best gaming experience when you play billiard games. The best pool cue often means the best cue tip, the best cue shaft, the best cue inlay material, and the best cue wood.

What are the best pool cues – the house cue sticks

When you first enter a pool hall, the first thing you see should be the pool table and billiard lights. Approaching the pool table, you will find some cue sticks next to the pool table.

These house cue sticks are just the first choice for billiards. Some people who just want to try how to use cue sticks will also choose these cue sticks.

What are the best professional pool cues? I think you can consider buying pool cues that only belong to you after playing a pool game for a while. They are the best professional pool cues.

A cue stick is a personal tool. You will get used to using them in the pool hall. According to my experience, the pool sticks you buy may accompany you for several years.

What are the best professional pool cues –they just belong to you

I know that many bars and even some pool halls do not pay attention to maintain pool cues. The house cue sticks may be curved and the cue tips are rarely replaced. These black cue tips are often very smooth.

These situations seriously interfere with the player’s billiards improvement-that’s not a good thing. Moreover, when you use different pool sticks, you will get different billiard game experience.

I see some players have different performances when using different pool cues in pool halls. You must know that the house cue will not only do for you. The best professional pool cues are your own pool cue sticks. Because you must be familiar with your own cue sticks. They just belong to you.

I know that some professional billiard players practice eight hours of billiard every day. They are already familiar with the sticks used. For them, the frequently used cue sticks mean normal performance as usual in the game. For billiards lovers, the fixed use of cue sticks is also conducive to win the billiards game.

articles on the best professional pool cues in SNOOI

Buying Your Own

If you are not satisfied with the house cue sticks and know how to buy the cues you want. Then it’s time to buy your own billiard cue. You can also read the article I wrote before buying cue sticks. Once you buy your own, you will not select the house cue.

Before I buy my own sticks, every time I go to pool halls, I have to choose the suitable cues. I used to find it very troublesome. Sometimes I can’t find the best professional cue sticks, so I won’t be very happy in the billiard game.

You need to determine the best professional pool cues price, brand, material, length, weight, and cue tip material. For getting the best pool cues, these parameters should match your wishes.

Now I have refused to use the house cues. The reason is simple, I have my own professional cue sticks that accompany me. Then I bought cue cases to protect sticks. After you purchase your own cues, a pool cue case is necessary.

After you buy cue sticks many times and play pool games for a long time, you will definitely know what are the best pool cues.

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4 Your Bridge That You’d Want To Try After Buying Cue Stick

Don’t be confused when you hear the bridge when you first started playing the billiard games or buy a cue stick. The bridge is the way your cue and front hand touch. Some players call the distance between the front hand and the cue ball a bridge. What I want to introduce to you is a billiard tool. You have four bridge options.

the bridge 1 on the post buy cue stick

The rail bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

Sometimes your cue ball will stop near the cushion (the edge of the table). You can use the rail bridge to strike the cue ball away from the cushion. You can hit your cue ball by making a bridge on the pool table rails.

When using the rail bridge, your front hand will stick to the edge of the table. You get an angle to hit the cue ball. If your front hand is raised too high, you may suffer a miscue.

Place your hand flat on the rail and raise the first joint of the index finger. Then place the cue on the V-shape between thumb and index finger. You can find your thumb beneath the cue stick and index finger near the cue.

The ball is close to the cushion,so you will strike the upper part of the cue ball. Don’t try to hit your cue ball too hard, or you will suffer a miscue. Keeping your cue flat and backswing short can help you to own a successful rail bridge.

The open bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

The open bridge (or “V-bridge”) is best for beginners. The steadiness of the open bridge provides you a clean and comfortable stroke. When I picked up the cue stick for the first time, the open bridge was my favorite bridge.

What I want to explain here is that the open bridge is more suitable for soft shots. So when using the open bridge, your cue ball will not slide too far. If you are a novice, your cue stick may slip out of the v-bridge. To get the right open bridge, be sure to make your fingers firmly in place on the billiards table. Keep your fingers stable. Then you will pick it up(own a snooker cue or a pool cue stick).

When using the open bridge, your cue stick should be placed on the heel of your thumb. The thumb and index finger should hold the cue shaft in place. Make your pinky, ring finger, and a middle finger firmly in place on the billiards table.

display about the open bridge,buy cue stuck

The closed bridge that you’d want to try after buying cue stick

The closed bridge is also called the loop or circle bridge. Unlike the open bridge, the closed bridge is suitable for harder shots. However, there is no rule that players must use the closed bridge to make hard strikes.

A stable bridge is a good bridge. You can go through some preparations to form the closed bridge, then you can consider to buy cue stick.

First, place your left hand flat on the table surface. Then spread all fingers except your thumb and the index finger. Try to use the right hand if you prefer the left hand in life. Please bend your index finger to form a circle and put thumb beneath your index finger. Keep your bridge stable and slip your cue shaft slightly through the circle formed by the thumb and index finger.

In this process, the middle finger should support your cue shaft to get excellent strikes. Your thumb, index finger and middle finger together form the closed bridge. You are keeping fingers stable to make perfect strikes.

The mechanical bridge –

Every billiard table in the hall should have a mechanical bridge. It usually hangs under your billiard table. If you can’t find it, try to ask other players for help.

The mechanical bridge allows players to hit the cue ball in the distance. When using the mechanical bridge, there are usually other balls between your cue ball and cue tip. The mechanical bridge enables your cue tip to hit the cue ball without touching other balls.

You can hold the cue stick (you can buy a cue stick) in one hand and the back end of the mechanical bridge in the other.

In many cases, you will find that the mechanical bridge is more stable than other bridges. The mechanical bridge is used when players want to hit the cue ball without touching any other balls. The mechanical bridge can help players hit the cue ball more easily.

Usually, the player’s cue stick is parallel to the surface. This can make the player’s stance to keep stable and reduce misscue.

When playing a billiard game, you can use these four types of bridges together. When you can use these four bridges proficiently, you can win the game more easily. Of course, the bridge you feel most comfortable is the best.


How Players React To The Wrap Of Billiard Cue

Do you know up that the first billiard cue is bare wood? The previous bare wood cue is smooth. It is uneasy for the player to hold the cue tightly on the sweaty hand. It makes players suffer miss cue. Besides, the bare wood cue is not conducive to the players’ precise control of the shot.


It makes players tired. To solve these problems, the billiard cue factory tried various methods. Some people try to wrap with genuine leather. However, the cost of wrap is too high, and the leather has few intensity patterns.

For example, wrap the thread around the cue stick. However, players will damage the winding part after sweating on the hands. What I want to say over here is that this wrap feels terrible.

Some people even use rubber tubes as the wrap of billiard cues. Because the rubber process is over-complicated, the factory no longer uses rubber tubes as wraps.


The wrap on billiard cue

The butt of the pool cue includes wrap and forewrap (or forearm). The end of your cue is a rubber pad. We use rubber pads to protect the cue stick. The rubber pad can save your butt cup from the collision upon the standing over the ground.

We call the part between the wrap and the butt cup afterwrap (or butt sleeve). The cue tip and cue shaft are the determinants of the performance. However, it is undeniable that your cue butt is well-attractive.

You will find wrap over the butt of the cue. The wrap is the material placed over the back end. You hold the cue with your backhand over the cue wrap. Wrap improves the friction between your backhand and back end. It makes your perfect shot possible.

Three types of wrap on billiard cue

There are three types of wrap: light handle, thread handle and leather handle. With the light bar, players can get powerful feedback from quiet places. I don’t recommend it to people with sweaty hands because of the smooth surface.

The thread handle has the best sweat absorption effect, and the Irish thread has the best grip of all wraps. I guess this is the best wrap material on billiard cue.

The leather handle is very individual, and more beautiful and gorgeous. You will think it is a visual pleasure on your observation. It feels good.

Five kinds of leather wraps

I suggest you use Irish linen instead of leather handles for environmental protection. There are five kinds of leather wraps on my survey.

First is cowhide. It’s the cheapest. But after a long period of use by the player, the surface of the wrap will be oily. It is terrible for your shot.

The second is pigskin. I find some pigskin wraps have a good feel and sweat absorption ability. But I still recommend you to use Irish linen.

The third is ostrich-skin. According to some players, this wrap is very sticky. Although it feels good, it often gives us a strange feeling. I guess you so.

The fourth type is lizard-skin. However, it can highlight the player’s personality. Lizard-skin is one of the most beautiful wrap materials.

The fifth type is the elephant ear skin. It may be the most expensive wrap material. Now my wraps are all Irish linen. Habit is a vast power. Of course, the market also has some strange leather materials. I will not elaborate over this blog.


My recommendation

What you usually see in the market is rubber, nylon, Irish linen or leather wrap. These materials will help you to keep the cue butt and hand in place.

You may be wondering which material to choose on your shopping. Some players may like the backhand of the cue to slide on hitting the ball. These players may choose Irish linen because it is smooth.

Other players may want to keep their backhand loose without the cue slipping over the hit. So, they prefer more sticky wrapping materials, such as leather and rubber. Some people even prefer varnished wood.

If you have enough time and money, you can try every kind of wrap. Eventually, you will find your favourite wrap. I prefer Irish linen. It is excellent in terms of appearance and performance. Even if your taste changes over time. Irish linen is a superb wrap choice.

Sounds good. It’s your call, but I recommend the Irish linen.


First Look At Billiards, Pool, And Snooker

As “newbie,” do you know the difference between billiards, pool, and snooker? In recent years, billiards have become more and more popular with the public. You can see that both children and adults start to play billiards games. Because movies, public figures, casual magazines, sports channels, and TV shows are promoting billiards.

You can find that more and more people are playing billiards around you. Some of them are real professionals. So even if there is no equipment in the house, you can also find an expert to gain skills.

SNOOI will help you gain your ability and know more about billiards, pool, and snooker. It’s a good idea to recruit your friends so that you can learn together. All of you can be better players.

Billiards, Pool, Snooker

The differences between Billiards, Pool, and Snooker.

Billiards vs pool. We can divide billiards into two categories: pool and carom billiards. We play pool on tables with six pockets, one cue ball, and fifteen object balls. We play carom billiards on tables with no pockets, and three shots, one white, one red, and one yellow.

We group pool, billiards, and snooker into cue sports. Pool, also known as pocket billiards, is a sub-category. The pool is a sub-category of cue sports; in fact, also snooker is. However, snooker has no subclasses.

So far, the most popular in the United States is the pool, and the most popular in Great Britain is the snooker. You can know more about the pool and snooker in my blogs. A betting system, which once called “Life Pool”, appeared in nineteenth-century Britain, In this game, each player only has three chances to fail. Players need to pocket opponent balls.

The origin of the game (Billiards, Pool, Snooker).

You may think that the history of billiards is mysterious. The billiards game originated in England in the 14th century. Once people play a billiard game on the outdoor ground—the cue used to be a straight stick at one end and a hoop. Later bored soldiers moved the billiards game indoors during periods of terrible weather.

By the seventeenth century, billiards was popular throughout Europe. The French call it bilhard; the Italians call the billiard game biglia; the Spanish call it virlota.

Some researchers believe that billiards is a derivative of two French words: billart and bille. You may have seen the billiard movie “The Hustler.” This movie promoted the rapid development of pool billiards game in the United States.

Billiards, Pool, And Snooker_2


Billiards, Pool, Snooker – Equipment Overview

An essential step in knowing more about billiards is to understand the equipment. There is not much you need to know. The necessary equipment you need to know is the cue rack, billiards table, cue ball, cue stick, and cue chalk.

If you are an American, there is a high probability that you will choose a pool cue. If you come from a country that plays snooker like the UK, a snooker cue is a better choice.

The ball-

The pool object balls are either soli or striped in color, while the snooker object balls are solid red. In pool billiards games, one player will aim at a solid ball, and the other will aim at a striped ball.

Cue sticks-

The cue stick is designed for striking the cue ball. You will hold it by two hands-usually right hand grips the cue butt while the other guides the cue shaft aim at the cue ball. The cue allows you to have control over the cue ball in the direction that you want.

The billiard tables-

You can see balls, rack, and cloth on the billiards table. For pool billiards, you will see six pockets or holes. In the beginning, you can play on a regulation table, which is 4fl inches wide, and the two side pockets are 5/ inches wide. The table cloth is also essential, your balls can roll smoothly on it.

Cue chalk-

It is small and hard. You can find it on the billiards table. If you don’t chalk your cue often, you will lose a perfect strike and suffer a miscue. You can use it before the game starts. Cue chalk can help improve the performance of your shot. It is helpful for both sidespin and backspin.

Are you playing billiards, pool, and snooker for fun?

Maybe you have never held a cue stick before. You may think that a cue stick is just a stick. Perhaps you, as a novice, do not know how to hold a cue or even strike the cue ball. Do you want to relax through the billiards game or become a pros?

It depends on the skill level you want to achieve. The time you spend on the game of billiards depends on how much you love the sport.

You may now think that your level is not enough. But I think after a lot of training, your skill level will be significantly improved. I believe you must have heard the ten thousand hours rule.

Through a lot of practice, you will become more confident. Even if you don’t become a master of billiards in the end, you will definitely get great fun from this sport.

You want to increase your quality of Life by playing billiards games (Billiards, Pool, Snooker). Maybe you want to meet new people through the billiards game. Or you want to relax with your family through billiards games. Before that, you need to know the rules of the billiard game.

Whether you are a novice or a pros, know more about cues is also necessary.



What can you know from SNOOI?

You can get a preliminary understanding of billiards through observation. But do you have any concerns before you start? Don’t worry. My blog will explain everything to you.

However, you will not become an experienced player just by reading my blogs. Only by keeping patience, practice, and self-confidence in the game can you gain your skill.

You can quickly embark on the road to the billiards game by reading my blogs. Please believe that you will not be a newbie at this. Everything is possible.

You cannot leave, real warrior never quits.

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The Wand Chooses The Wizard: 10 Best Snooker Cues And Discovery Channel

As Ollivander in Harry Potter said, “Remember, the wand chooses the wizard.” I think the same goes for buying snooker cues. Excellent cues and players have feelings and resonance. You may feel that you just bought a cue. But the cue stick may have chosen you at first.

Why you need a snooker cue

Some players think that novices have no need to buy their snooker cue stick. But I think you can buy snooker cues after your posture is fixed. If you just want to try your cue. Then I suggest you buy a cheap snooker cue. After you have your unique understanding, I suggest you buy expensive branded snooker billiard cues or consider custom cues.

A good cue can help you play snooker games better. It can accompany you in snooker training. When you encounter a bottleneck period, a good snooker cue stick can help you play better in the game. I give novice players two opinions: 1. Please buy cheap cues at the beginning. 2. Buy hard snooker cues.

snooker on the room

Buy snooker cues online

If you still can’t make up your mind. Then you can take a look at amazon snooker cues. The popular cue stick sale in amazon means that most players choose them.

Below are the snooker cue shop and snooker stick price. Then you can buy snooker cue online. They are snooker cues uk and they are all woods cues.

57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker CueWeichster 3/4 Snooker Cue Handmade Ash Walnut Wood Pool Cue Case Extension Set star3star3star3star3star3WeichsterSee On Amazon
CUESOUL 57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker CueCUESOUL 57 Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue with Mini Butt End Extension Packed in Aluminium Cue Case star3star3star3star3star1CUESOULSee On Amazon
BCE snooker cueBCE Red Birds Eye Two Piece Ash Snooker Pool Cue - 9.5mm Tip star3star3star3star3star2BCESee On Amazon
Riley snooker cueRiley BLACK TRIUMPH 2 Piece Ash Snooker Pool Cue - 9.5mm Tip star3star3star3star3star1RileySee On Amazon
Peradon snooker cuePeradon CLASSIC 58” 2pc ALL ASH Matching Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Elk Tip star3star3star3star3star1Peradon See On Amazon
J. Pechauer Billiards CuesJ. Pechauer Billiards Cues - Break Cue - Rosewood, Includes Case, 19Oz Natural handmade snooker cues, no ratingJ. PechauerSee On Amazon
AONETIGER snooker cueAONETIGER 3/4 Jointed Snooker Billiard Pool Cue Handmade Ash Shaft 3 Piece Tips 9.7mm with Extension Accessories Hard Case/Bag to Choose star3star3star3star3star2AONETIGERSee On Amazon
CUESOUL snooker cueCUESOUL Classic Handmade 57 Rosewood 3/4 Piece Snooker Cue + Cue Case and Extension star3star3star3star3star1CUESOULSee On Amazon
OMIN snooker cueOMIN 3/4 Snooker Cue Stick Handmade Ash Wood Pool Cue Case Extension Set 3 Tip Size to Choose no ratingOminSee On Amazon
6 trade pool snooker Cues6 trade pool snooker Cues with 11mm screw on tips - 2 each of 48, 52 & 57 inches plus 4 free pieces of Triangle green chalk star3star3star3star3star2iqgamesroom trade cue selectionSee On Amazon

I recommend Master, Omin, Riley snooker cues, Peradon snooker cues, Pechauer cue, and other brands as entry-level cues. The performance of Cheap snooker cue is similar. But this does not mean that they are bad.

If you are willing to pay more, you can also consider snooker cues uk. Among them, I recommend famous brands such as Jp, Hunt, and Dave, and Glover is the most cost-effective. If you know a billiard master or snooker coaching around you, you can also consider buying a used cue stick from him/her.

Snooker cue is more suitable for snooker billiard. Because the snooker cue stick itself is relatively thin. This requires you to hit the cue ball accurately. I suggest you don’t replace the snooker cues frequently.

If the player initially uses harder cue sticks, he may use harder cue sticks for the rest of his life. You need to know that professional players in the snooker world championships do not change the snooker sticks frequently.

Something you should know about snooker cues

The center of gravity, weight, length of the cue, the taper, the diameter of the butt, the wood of the cue shaft, etc. all determine whether you have purchased the best snooker cue.

snooker stick 1

Weight and the center of gravity-

For beginners, I recommend hard and medium weight cues. The weight of cues currently produced by snooker cue makers is between 17 and 18 ounces (482 to 510 grams). I suggest you buy the 18oz cues. The center of gravity of snooker cue sticks cannot be too far forward nor too far behind. The center of gravity of the cue stick is between 16 and 18 inches (40~48cm). Such woods sticks are excellent. The right center of gravity allows you to play better in the game of billiards.

Length of your snooker cues-

The length of cues on the market is generally about 57 inches (145CM). This length is based on the average height of the player. 1. The higher you are, the longer cues you need. 2. The longer your arm, the longer your cue should be. 3. If the dribble distance is relatively long, you also need a long cue. Short snooker cues maybe kid snooker cues.

Often novices ask me to recommend cues between pool and snooker. The cue can be divided into the pool cue and snooker cue. The former is a big-end cue and the latter is a small cue. Big and small ends have their characteristics. Which one the player uses is completely out of habit.

But I found that some girls like to use pool cues, and some boys prefer small heads (snooker cues). My own woods snooker cue is small. It is 9.6mm.

snooker billiards table 2


A good taper means great snooker cue shaft. The performance of handmade snooker cues mainly depends on the cue shaft. I am here to tell you how to judge a good snooker cue shaft. First, please grab the end of the butt with your hands. Then use your eyes to observe along with the snooker cue stick. You will find that a good taper changes smoothly.

The wood snooker cues shaft

Most of the snooker sticks are made of white ash. White ash is tough and flexible. The wood is white. The wood has obvious lines. Of course, a good snooker cue stick does not depend on the color. You should carefully observe the texture of the wood. Compared with other woods, ash is more delicate. Snooker cue makers prefer white ash because it is not easy to deform and easy to process.

Maple is more suitable for the pool cue. However, if you think maple cues are more suitable for you. You can also choose maple cue sticks. The advantage of maple cues is that they are easy to maintain. The wood of the greatest cue sticks is taken from the middle of the trees. Such wood fibers are compact and have good toughness.

a man paly billiards

Hold the butt

Also, you can look at the hardness and elasticity of the snooker stick. Please hold your hand near the end of the butt. Gently pat the butt’s tail with the other palm. You will find that the snooker shaft is shaking. If the jittering time is relatively long, it means that the cue is elastic. The short jitter time means the cue is hard.

If you want to buy the best snooker cue, please pay attention to its hardness and flexibility. What kind of snooker billiard gaming experience a cue will bring you, you need to care about its hardness and elastic.

Handmade snooker cues

Finally, I want to say one more thing. If you want to have a professional snooker cue. You may need handmade snooker cues. Handmade snooker cues will be much more expensive than the cues you buy online. You need to care about the size of the cue head, the thickness of the butt, the length, weight, and center of gravity of the snooker cue.

Your custom cues should be heavier. If you are not satisfied with the weight of the snooker cue during use, you can modify the weight of the cue stick. There is also the wood of the cue shaft. Only in this way can you get the perfect handmade snooker cues.

Last but not least

But this will cost you a lot of energy and money. For most snooker billiard fans, you can buy snooker cue online. Many players purchase snooker cues for the first time and do not know exactly the weight and length of the cue they need.

If you are not too satisfied with the first snooker cue you bought, then the first snooker cue is an important basis for you to buy the second snooker cue.

the featured picture of post cue chalk

Cue Chalk You Don’t Want Your Friends To Know About

When you already have a pool cue or a snooker cue, cue chalk is essential. U need to buy excellent and high-quality chalk.

shoot cue ball

Billiard chalk for sale. I would like to recommend some great cue chalk to you:

It is well known that there are 4 major stick chalk brands in the world. They are Master chalk, Triangle chalk, Silver cup chalk, Brunswick chalk. People say they are best billiard chalk. But I recommend you not only include them.

1.MASTER chalk. MASTER billiard chalk has large particles and will give the player a matte feel when used. There are about 150 pieces in a box. It’s embarrassing that I can’t remember the specific number. I think MASTER chalk has only one disadvantage. That is, large-sized chalk may stain billiard table cloth. If you are the owner of the billiards hall, you need to pay attention to this issue.

2.Brunswick chalk. Cue chalk has two colors: blue and green. Chalk particles are more delicate than MASTER. Its matte feel is lower than MASTER. It is cheap and the performance is good.

3.Silver Cup chalk. It is said that Silver Cup chalk was once hailed as the worst quality chalk. Some pool billiards players think it is not suitable for themselves. But now Silver Cup chalk has been improved in all aspects. You might consider using it.

4.Blue diamond chalk. The blue diamond feels that the particles are more delicate than the golden crown. It is expensive. I won’t buy it. Yet it is popular in some countries. Cue stick chalk particles are small. There are generally 25 small boxes in a large box, that is, 25 chalk.

5.LAVA volcanic lava mud chalk. Its particles are smaller than Brunswick chalk. But its particles are larger than blue diamond chalk. This chalk is easy to apply.

6.NIR chalk. It has two colors: blue and green. It is oily chalk. Chalk is more delicate than blue diamond chalk.

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Purchase Notes

The chalk you choose should refer to the color of the pool table cloth. The color of cue chalk is the same as the color of billiard table cloth. Because when you play a billiard game, chalk will stain the table cloth. If the color is different, the chalk will easily stain the table cloth. It is also difficult to clean up, and it looks unsightly. So try to choose billiards chalk with a color similar to the table cloth.

Snooker billiards table cloth is usually green. Therefore, snooker players choose green chalk snooker. If you choose red chocolate powder to play snooker billiards. Then the referee is busy. Considering that billiards is a gentleman’s sport, it is not gentle enough for the referee to wipe the table continuously.

The pool billiards mostly uses blue pool table cloth. So pool players mostly use blue pool table chalk. The entertaining pool table also has red, black, or even orange pool table cloth.

Oil chalk and powder chalk are different when they hit the cue ball. I think oil chalk is more comfortable than powder chalk. Especially players use harder tips. Sometimes I feel that the powder is not easy to spread evenly on particularly hard skin. Some friends say that oil chalk has greater friction than powder chalk. The oil chalk is easy to make a strong rotation. My experience is to use billiard cue chalk once out of 4 shots.

cue chalk on the edge of pool table

Chalk particle size

The cue chalk formula of each brand is different. So, the particle of cue chalk is also different.

Some cue stick chalk particles are large. Players will feel a matte texture when using large particles of cue chalk. Some pool table chalk particles are small. I think the choice of cue chalk depends on personal preference.

How to choose cue chalk?

Players often ask me how to choose cue tip chalk. Don’t jump to conclusions before you make further discussion. The purchased cue chalk should be used for some time. After all, there are many brands you can try in this world. But I can still give you two opinions.

1. If you use cue chalk of different brands. As an old player, at first, you will find that chalk and cue tips are not very compatible. But after a period of use, cue chalk is suitable for your cue stick.

2. The new chalk surface is hard. So, it is impossible to judge the quality of the chalk from the appearance. The hard surface applied to the cue stick gives the player a bad feeling. Players need to use up the outermost layer of chalk.

More facts about billiard chalk.

About distinguishing chalk from true. I have two ways:

1. You have been using cue chalk from the same brand and the same source of the sale.

2. You can judge by touching fingers when you get the chalk. You touch the chalk with the index finger. Excellent chalk will leave a lot of powder on your fingers. Players can judge the particle size of chalk powder in this way. Fake chalk does not leave a lot of powder on your fingers.

Now TAOM chalk made in Finland is used by some professional players. The worker makes the billiard chalk by hand.

Chalk has two colors. Blue and green are designed for pool billiards and snooker billiards.

It has some advantages: no miss cue, low offset, no contamination with pool table cloth, and no contamination with pool table cue. It is said that its service life is twice that of ordinary cue chalk.


Introducing Cue Chalk In A New Light: What Does Chalk Do In Pool

Hey, guys! Wooo! Check it out! Do you know what does chalk do in pool? When you already have a pool cue or a snooker cue, cue chalk is essential.


The chalk in pool

The role of chalk is to prevent miss cue. Chalk allows the cue ball to move forward without hitting the center point.

After racking pool balls, players need to apply a layer of powder on the cue tip. It increases the friction between the cue tip and cue ball. Let cue tip and cue ball not slip.

It’s essential to note the thickness of the chalk on the cue tip. If the chalk on the cue tip is very thick, the stickiness of the cue tip and the cue ball when contacted is large.

Now, the rotation speed of the cue ball is not fast. You can try to chalk cue stick with different thickness. Then cue ball has different rotation speed.

What does different chalk do in pool

People divide chalk into powder and oil. Powder chalk and oil chalk have different effects on billiard cue shaft heads.

The powder chalk is more powerful. It is easier to concentrate on strength. So powder chalk is suitable for hitting cue ball that does not spin fast. When hitting the cue ball, the oil chalk can make tip contact with the ball longer. Oil chalk is more suitable for playing fast-rotating ball. In short, you can choose according to your preferences.

When you have finished using billiard cue chalk, please put the open side up. You may need a cue chalk holder. Otherwise, the powder can easily fall to the pool table. It often stains the pool table, troubles the owner.

What is the chalk for in the pool?

Powder chalk: chalk’s powder is more delicate to the touch, but its stickiness is not as well as oil chalk. The powder on the cue tip easily fall. Besides, the average professional player must reapply the cue chalk before each shot.

The player consumes more chalk. So, billiard halls often provide players with petite tricks. The green chalk you often see is generally powder.

Oil chalk: Oil chalk has strong adhesion. There are many colloids in oil. When the player uses it for a long time, the glue can penetrate the cue shaft head through the cue tip. This will cause the deformation of the cue shaft head.

However, the deformation of your cue is very slow. This will not have an impact on pool billiards game. It’s not important. We usually pay attention to cue maintenance and pool cue repair.

Powder chalk easily sticks to cue tip and cue ball. Some professional players generally use powder chalk while I prefer oil chalk. The blue chalk you often see is oily.

But there are other cue chalk colors. They are red cue chalk, black cue chalk, and white cue chalk. The choice of chalk color depends on the color of billiards table cloth.


Why do you chalk a pool cue? Why chalk pool cue?

All billiard players know to smear chalk on the cue tip. If you are a green hand or do not have a good teacher. Your application method may not be accurate enough.

Many novices use the cue chalk incorrectly, align the depression of the chalk with the tip, press the cue tip hard, and rotate left and right. This makes a thick layer of chalk on the cue tip. When the tip hits the cue ball, leaving a clear trace of powder on the surface of the cue ball.

Because the method of applying chalk is not correct, some cue shafts stained in the color of chalk. Even worse is when the middle of the chalk gets a deep hole. Use this way to chalk your cue and the cue stick below the ferrule about 7 mm. The cue wear will cause performance degradation.

Before playing pool billiards game, you need to know the correct way to use chalk.

What does chalk do in pool? The shape of chalk determines the fate of your cue.

Chalk is slightly corrosive. The cue stick is wooden. Incorrect use of chalk may cause the cue to break. Even with a good pool cue repair, your cue performance will be affected.

Purpose of chalk in the pool: correct use of chalk.

Scrape the cue tip gently along the diagonal of the chalk. Your chalk surface should be cross-shaped after use.

Although damage is a long and slow process. Chalk should cover the cue tip evenly. Cue chalk should not stick to pool cue ferrule and shaft. This avoids damage to the cue shaft.

the photo 3 about what dose chalk do in pool

About wrong usage

Novices often chalk their cue sticks like punching. In this way, the cue chalk distributed on pool cue tips is not uniform. Chalk is easy to contact with pool cue ferrule and pool shafts. Long-term contact will corrode the cue shaft head. Even the cue shaft head will break.

When watching the billiards game, you can find that the chalk of professional players is in the shape of a cross or a diagonal. Instead of a deep hole in the middle.

The correct way to chalk your cue

How to apply chalk correctly on cue tip? Here I will give you a simple way. Hold the thumb and index finger of one hand about 30 mm under the tip. Hold the chalk on the other hand. Apply cue chalk from your chest to the outside, and slowly rotate the cue stick while applying. Apply chalk evenly on the tip.

I often tell my friends not to apply too thick chalk. It’s necessary to increase the frequency of applying chalk.

Usually, chalk is blue and green. But cue chalk has more than two colors. You can even see white, red, brown, yellow, and purple. You can get any color you want.

It can only be said that the snooker billiard’s chalk is generally green. The pool billiard’s chalk is generally blue. You need to choose according to the color of the pool table cloth. Otherwise, the pool table cloth is easily dirty. It is difficult to clean up.

What does chalk do in pool? About the stickiness of chalk

Once a player said he could judge the viscosity of cue chalk according to the color. It is not accurate enough. The stickiness of chalk is determined by the manufacturer.

The cue tip decides the stickiness of chalk. Hard cue tip is not easy to apply chalk. So, choose cue chalk with high viscosity.


Surprising Benefits Of Playing Pool Billiards Linked To Life

Do you know who is suitable for playing pool billiards?


1. Long-term office workers. For example, teachers and programmers can exercise through pool billiards.


2. People who want to be quiet. When you play pool billiards, you need people to be calm and quiet, which also helps to cultivate a refined temperament.


3. It is difficult to concentrate on things. When the pool billiards game is going on, people need to be highly focused. You also need to think about the angle of your shoot and where the ball hits. This can cultivate your concentration.


Pool Billiards 1


In fact, pool billiards have different effects on us at different ages.


2 years old-4 years old


What? Can kids play billiards? Yes, kids may be shorter than the pool table. But pool billiards helps children to realize their potential.


Parents can develop children’s hobby from an early age. We all know any exercise can exercise their brain, as well as billiards. Children are full of curiosity about everything in the outside world, and they are actively exploring the world around them.


As a father, I know kids are very interested in moving objects. At this time, if the parents are willing to accompany their children to play billiards, the time spent with the children may not make you feel long. At the same time, your child will not cry because of boredom.


What you need is kids pool cue, kids pool table, and free time.


5-12 years old


This stage is a critical period for children to grow up. And pool billiards can greatly help children in this period.


We all know genius 10000-hour law. To be successful, staying focused is a necessary quality for a person. However, it is often difficult for children to have a strong concentration, insisting on playing billiards can keep children focused. When children think carefully about how to play billiards, their attention is focused.


In addition to preparing kids pool cue and kids pool table. We can also use a solid object around the table to raise the height so that the children can hit the ball normally.


13 to 18 years old


13 to 18 years old is a critical period for children’s schooling. However, we can use billiards as an extracurricular activity, and spare time to practice billiards. In addition to allowing us to relax and relieve stress, billiards can also help us stay energetic. Through billiards, we not only exercised our bodies but also relieved the stress of learning.


Billiards is a competitive sport. It is the purpose of pool billiards to beat opponents with friends. I believe we can control our emotions, beat our opponents in the competition, and become a superhero in the arena.


Pool Billiards 2


When we are mature.


19-22 years old


At this time, we are in our youth but we become mature. Billiard games can help us expand our social circle and make more friends. You must not be alone when playing billiards. You can even find your own love in billiards.


In addition to studying in college, if you also like billiards, you may be able to make more friends.


23-59 years old


As adults, we can deepen contact with friends by playing billiards and relieve work pressure.


We all know that society is complicated, and we just want to live free and happy! Billiard games can bring us more happiness. In the billiard hall, we can have a pleasant conversation with strangers or friends.


Billiards is our hobby. If you want more skills and regular victory, you need to keep learning and practicing.


60-80 years old


Aging is a natural law that humans cannot fight. However, exercise can allow our age to grow without hindering our healthy lives. Compared to going to the gym, the pace of billiard games is slow. Playing pool billiards makes the elderly feel the pleasure of winning in sports.


We are always superheroes!


Billiards can help the elderly maintain their energy. At the same time, billiards can keep the elderly in a good mood. Keep going!


But you should pay attention to reduce the exercise intensity, the game time should not be too long. Do a good job in sports protection and arrange leisurely entertainment. There should be proper rest in billiards games, and training shouldn’t take too long.


office workers


Pool Billiards is a long-term sport


We can spend a lifetime with billiards. Professional pool cue may be necessary. Billiard games can give our life more vitality and charm.


If you also think that pool billiards are cool, now you may need a pool cue or snooker cue.

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