Detailed Ideas About Maintaining Pool Cue Sticks You Would Like To Try

I think a player should have good equipment if he wants to play billiards well. The pool cue sticks is important.

Here I will focus on the pool cue sticks.

A good cue stick is very important for playing billiards.

The billiard cue should be made of wood of appropriate length and moderate hardness.

So I recommend avoiding sweat and other stains from penetrating the cue.

The cue is thin at the front and thick at the front, and the length is above 36inches.

You can adjust the length appropriately according to your habits.

The quality of the ferrule also needs attention.

To prevent miss cue, I generally choose high-quality leather.

Players should choose the pool cue sticks that suits them first when buying cues, rather than blindly chasing famous brands.

When I use it, I usually place the cue head up and perpendicular to the ground.

When I finished using it, I stored it flat in the pool cue case.

Find a relatively good cue case, preferably inside the case is made of leather.

So that the absolute temperature is uniform, the cue case can lie flat on the ground.

Personally, it is not recommended to lift the cue, because the force of the boom you use is not uniform.

However, it is easy to bend the cue.


Newly bought cues are generally well-maintained, especially top pool cues.

However, after using a pool cue, it is generally necessary to wipe the oil regularly.

Even the best pool cue needs regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the cue and prolong the service life.

Applying the oil is the most important thing when maintaining a pool cue stick.

The cue needs oil to nourish.

If the cue is not smooth, you can wipe it gently with polished sandpaper.

Cue oiling is necessary to protect the cue from deformation and cracking.

Of course, the wiping of the pool cue is also very particular about it, not when you think of it, just apply some oil.

Billiard cue oil also pays attention to time, how to apply and so on.

First, the time to oil the pool cue sticks.

Good pool billiard cue does not use paint to seal the wood when it is out of the factory.

Instead, workers apply a layer of film or polish to the pool stick.

Within one month of buying the cue, maintain the cue.

Generally, you can start with oil twice a month.

After one month, we can gradually reduce it from twice a month to half a year.

I think the newly-purchased cues are first oiled within two or three weeks.

Apply a thin layer of oil when using the oil, then leave it for 24 hours. U can wipe it clean until the cue is fully absorbed.

When is it no longer to use oil frequently?

When you find that the cue can’t absorb the oil.

I recommend changing the oiling cycle to a few months.


Secondly, the choice of oil is very particular.

The oil used in the pool sticks should be olive oil or a lighter blending oil, or even a special oil for the cue.

The oil quality must be pure, and the oil shouldn’t contain impurities.

I also need to pay attention to the method of lubricating the cue: I usually drip the oil on the cue and then wipe the cue with a dry cotton cloth.

First of all, the cue stick needs to be polished and heated.

Use a clean and rough cloth to polish the cue stick, so that it generates heat.

Then the holes in the wood are relaxed, and the oil is easily absorbed.

Then apply oil.

After leaving for half an hour, wipe the oil off with a cotton cloth.

Finally, the cue is polished.

I don’t think there is a need for a professional wiper cloth.

Just go to the supermarket and buy a towel with a high cotton content.

Bring a towel with you at any time.

If you notice that the cue is not smooth, wipe it off immediately.

If the pool cue is not oiled for a long time, it will easily age and its service life will be shortened.

Grease your pool cue regularly to keep it bright.

It should be noted that the ferrule cannot be used when it is in contact with oil.

So, avoid contacting the ferrule with the cue oil during the wiping process.

After wiping the cue, I usually leave the cue in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

There is also a need to keep the pool cue sticks clean.

Do not let inferior cue chalk fall on the cue stick.

Otherwise, the cue stick is susceptible to corrosion.

Especially maple sticks, maple sticks are easily corroded.


There are also some small details.

If it is a 3/4 cue, don’t desperately tighten it when you screw it on.

The ferrule should not be too thin.

Generally, we should change it to about 2 mm.

If the shaft is not varnished, do not hit it with sandpaper easily.

It will change the overall taper of the cue stick.

The pool cue sticks should be used by yourself.

Don’t lend the cue to others.

This avoids being damaged or worn by others.

The point that is most easily overlooked is that the temperature and humidity difference of the cue should not be too large during normal use.

For example, after playing the ball in a low-temperature place, put the ball into the cue case immediately (many cue cases have a thermal insulation effect).

Then take it out in a high-temperature place.

You will find that the cue will have small water condensation.

The damage to the cue is considerable.

I am a meticulous person and I like billiard games very much.

During the use and maintenance of the pool cue sticks, I was very serious.

Well, I hope you can get waht you want.

Go on with billiards game as much as you did.

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