How True Detective Would Uncover The Mysteries Of One-piece Cue And Two-piece Cue

If you are going to buy the best pool cues, you must have found several different types of cue sticks. You may be confused about one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

“How should I distinguish between different pool cue?” Well, I will uncover the mysteries of one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

The choice of the one-piece cue and two-piece cue is important to your credit card and billiard game experience. You can have more than one after becoming a veteran.

Aim at different players

Many billiard players will go for the one-piece cue when they first head off to the poolroom. It’s a good idea to get one cue stick with a relatively wide tip diameter.

Compared with two-piece cue, one-piece pool cue does not It is convenient for players to carry. Therefore, I often place my one-piece stick in my friend’s place-the owner of a small poolroom.

A friend asked me why novices don’t use the two-piece cue directly? Well, but you will pay more for a two-piece cue. A one-piece pool stick is cheaper.

If you buy a pool cue stick on impulse, the cheaper one is suitable. When you find that you love the game of billiards, it’s time to buy a two-piece cue.

Finally, it is more convenient for new players to maintain a one-piece stick.

The structural difference between one-piece and two-piece cue

Why do new players like to use one-piece cue? A one-piece pool stick is a whole pool stick with a wide tip diameter. It has a good feeling of hit. You can upgrade once you know what you want.

A common two-piece cue comes in two parts that join in the middle between the pool cue butt and the pool cue shaft. A one-piece cue is a whole pool stick without the joint.

All the other parts are the same on one-piece cue and two-piece cue.

one-piece cue on the table

A one-piece cue on a break shot

You know that you need a break shot to break up the billiard balls at the beginning of the game. I believe you need a one-piece pool stick.

For a one-piece stick, its tip diameters is between 12.5 millimeters and 13.5 millimeters. Many players put cue tips that over 13 millimeters into the break-cue category.

Advantages and disadvantages

One-piece cue-

Advantages: It has a good feeling of hit. In theory, a one-stick is more stable.

Disadvantages: Inconvenient to carry. Your pool cue matches your height. Players will find that the cue stick cannot be placed in the trunk of the car. Cue sticks can be longer when using a cue case.

Two-piece cue-

Advantages: It is easy to carry when players head off to the pool hall. You can choose different types of cue tip and the material for the wrap, etc.

Disadvantages: High get cost.

Last words

You never wanna use a new two-piece cue on a break shot, do you? Of course not! This way will have an impact on the life of the two-piece cue with a little cue tip and flexible cue shaft. This method of shots can easily damage your cue stick, then you’ll have to buy a new one.

When breaking the balls, a one-piece cue with a heavier weight is better. Then you will find the billiard balls scattered on the table. If you really like billiard games, you can carry your own two-piece cue like a professional.

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