What Only Old Hand Know About Best Pool Cue On A Budget

Now maybe you are searching for the best pool cue on a budget, best pool cues under 100 dollars, or best pool cues under 200 dollars.

As a billiard player, I think buying the best budget pool cue is an investment in the player himself.

In fact, I have a common psychology element on the first purchase of a cue stick.

I have carefully investigated what is the best pool cues for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

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Their prices are different.

For the best pool cue under 200 dollars, I bought them many from Amazon.

But for cue sticks that exceed 200 dollars, I would choose to buy them in the billiard shop.

The best way to find out where to buy is through word of mouth.

For the best pool cue under 300 dollars, I suggest you try and see how it feels in hand.



Best pool cue budget for different players-

What is the best budget pool cue?

For novices, I recommend the best pool stick under 100 dollars.

For experienced players, the best cue stick under 200 dollars is better.

Personally, price should not be your main consideration.

Because your pool cue stick on a budget is not a one-time consumable.

The budget billiard cue should improve your feel, it can improve your skill level.

You should know that the best pool stick will work best for you.

I think some important components make a good cue. You can pay more attention to them.

Cue weight & cue length-

This part usually does not affect the best pool cues on a budget.

Cues have different weights and lengths. You can see the sellers’ label on the shopping website.

In the billiards store, you can see the indication in the butt section of some cue sticks.

Cue sticks generally weigh 17 to 22 ounces.

Generally speaking, the lighter the cue sticks, the easier it is for players to control the speed of the cue ball.

Conversely, the heavier the cue sticks on a budget, the easier it is for players to hit a strong shoot.

Everyone’s habits and preferences are different. This makes the billiard games exciting.

Best budget pool cues are usually around 58 inches.

The designer considered that the length of the stick should match the height of most players.

Because our height is usually between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet. 58 inches is suitable for most people.

Of course, you can also find longer or shorter cue sticks on the market.

They are expensive compared to 58 inches of best pool cue sticks on a budget.


Cue leather tip of the best pool cues on a budget-

If you are a novice, it is appropriate to buy cue tips presented by the seller of cue sticks.

For veterans, I recommend them to use high-quality cue tips.

Although buying them may exceed your budget.

After purchasing, you may ask how to replace the cue tip. Well, I have a mature answer.

When I first pick up cue sticks, I didn’t pay attention to such small objects.

I believe that most novices are like me.

However, it is the only part of the cue stick that can touch the cue ball.

It is important.

I believe that the best budget pool cue tip can help you control the cue ball perfectly and win the game.

The hardness and number of layers of the cue tip will affect your stroke.

When you find that the cue tip is black or it is unable to hold cue chalk, you can rub your tip lightly with sandpaper.

The smaller the number of sandpaper, the rougher the sandpaper.

I prefer 200-grade or 300-grade sandpaper.

Please chalk your cue tip before hitting the cue ball.

There will be strong friction between your cue tip and cue ball.

Chalking your cue tip will give the max friction on stroke with the cue ball.

The shaft and taper-

The cue shafts that players usually see are pure maple wood.

Now there are cue shafts made of fiberglass and aluminum on the market.

I think wood cue sticks are suitable for most billiard game players.

The best budget pool cue shaft should be flexible.

When you buy the best pool cue on a budget, you should consider the impact of the best cue shaft on the game of billiards.

How to define billiard cue taper?

The diameter gradually widens from the cue tip to the cue butt.

The pro taper – diameter won’t begin to widen until the cue shaft 8 to 10 inches below. I often use the closed bridge.

Yup, I prefer the pro taper.

I found that the pro taper is suitable for a closed bridge.

Very simple, its shaft is narrow.

The straightness-

You may know about how to check the straightness of the best budget cue sticks.

Now I want to talk about another simple method. Put your budget sticks on the table.

You can clearly find out whether the budget cues are bent.

The cue wood and inlay material affect the best pool cue on a budget-

The cue wood and inlay materials will affect the best budget pool cues.

Compared to expensive ivory, I think common inlay material is suitable for most billiard players.

Click here to know more about different kinds of inlay materials.

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