How Players React To The Wrap Of Billiard Cue – Ultimate Guide

Do you know up that the first billiard cue is bare wood?

The previous bare wood cue is smooth. It is uneasy for the player to hold the cue tightly on the sweaty hand.

It makes players suffer miss cue.

Besides, the bare wood cue is not conducive to the players’ precise control of the shot.

Now we can see wrap on billiard cue

The choice of leather pool cue wraps has a effect on performance .

To solve this problem, the billiard cue factory tried various methods.

Some people try to use genuine leather pool cue wraps.

However, the cost of wrap is too high, and the leather has few intensity patterns.

For example, wrap the thread around the cue stick.

However, players will damage the winding part after sweating on the hands.

What I want to say is that this wrap feels terrible.

Some people even use rubber tube as the wrap of billiard cue.

Because the rubber process is over-complicated, the factory no longer uses rubber tubes as wraps.


The wrap on billiard cue

The butt of the pool cue includes wrap and forewrap (or forearm).

The end of your cue is a rubber pad.

We use rubber pads to protect the cue stick.

The rubber pad can save your butt cup from the collision upon the standing over the ground.

We call the part between the wrap and the butt cup afterwrap (or butt sleeve).

The cue tip and cue shaft are the determinants of the performance.

However, it is undeniable that your cue butt is well-attractive.

You will find wrap over the butt of the billiard cue.

The wrap is the material placed over the back end.

You hold the cue with your backhand over the cue wrap.

Wrap improves the friction between your backhand and back end.

It makes your perfect shot possible.

Three types of wrap on billiard cue

There are three types of wrap: light handle, thread handle and leather handle.

With the light bar, players can get powerful feedback from quiet places.

I don’t recommend it to people with sweaty hands because of the smooth surface.

The thread handle has the best sweat absorption effect, and the Irish thread has the best grip of all wraps.

I guess this is the best wrap material on billiard cue.

The leather handle is very individual, and more beautiful and gorgeous.

You will think it is a visual pleasure on your observation.

It feels well.

Five kinds of leather pool cue wraps

I suggest you use Irish linen instead of leather handles for environmental protection.

There are five kinds of leather wraps on my survey.

First is cowhide.

It’s the cheapest.

But after a long period of use by the player, the surface of the wrap will be oily.

It is terrible for your shot.

The second is pigskin.

I find some pigskin wraps have a good feel and sweat absorption ability.

But I still recommend you to use Irish linen.

The third is ostrich-skin.

According to some players, this wrap is very sticky.

Although it feels good, it often gives us a strange feeling.

I guess you so.

The fourth type is lizard-skin.

However, it can highlight the player’s personality.

Lizard-skin is one of the most beautiful wrap materials.

The fifth is the elephant ear skin.

It may be the most expensive wrap material.

Now my wraps are all Irish linen.

Habit is a vast power.

Of course, the market also has some strange leather materials.

I will not elaborate over this blog.


My recommendation

What you usually see in the market is rubber, nylon, Irish linen or leather wrap.

These materials will help you to keep the billiard cue butt and hand in place.

You may be wondering which material to choose on your shopping.

Some players may like the backhand of the cue when hitting the ball.

These players may choose Irish linen because it is smooth.

Other players may want to keep their backhand loose without the cue slipping over the hit.

So, they prefer more sticky wrapping materials, such as leather and rubber.

Some even prefer varnished wood.

If you have enough time and money, you can try every kind of billiard cue wrap.

Eventually, you will find your favourite wrap.

Yup! I prefer Irish linen.

It is excellent in terms of appearance and performance.

Even if your taste changes over time. Irish linen is a superb wrap choice.

Sounds good.

It’s your call, but I recommend the Irish linen.

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